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Online Services Account Descriptions

Activities conducted while using any Online Services account or service are subject to the Online Services User Agreement Form and Acceptable Use Policy, both of which may be revised at any time without notice.

All dial-up accounts may be purchased for 1 year (annual account) or 3 months (quarterly account). All other accounts may be purchased for 1 year only. There are no refunds.

Online Services Dial-up Internet Accounts

Individual Dial-Up Accounts


The Basic account is designed for the casual user who does not need more than 30 hours/month of dial-up access.

$135/yr or $37.50/quarter (3 months)      $20 set-up for new accounts

Register for the Basic Account


The Standard account is an unmetered account (not an unlimited use account). It is designed for the user who needs more than 30 hours/month but who will average less than 5 hours/day. This account can be used for more than 5 hours in a single day as long as the average usage does not exceed 5 hours per day.

$220/yr or $60/quarter (3 months)      $20 set-up for new accounts

Register for the Standard Account


The Premium account allows for unlimited active dial-up usage. It is designed for customers who need to be online more than 5 hours/day. This account also includes two additional email addresses and an additional 10MB of disk space on the web server.

$395/yr or $107.85/quarter (3 months) or $35.95/mo    $20 set-up for new accounts

Register for the Premium Account

Group Dial-Up Accounts


The Flex group account is designed for the business/organization that has multiple people needing simultaneous Internet access. Each member will be assigned their own dial-up account but the usage for their dial-up account will be charged to the group. By pooling the usage of all group members into a single Flex account, the group can save considerable money over purchasing individual accounts for each member.

Each individual Flex member is $75/year, to be paid up front at the beginning of the account and account renewal. There are two billing options for time used:

Flex Group Pricing:

Flex group member $75/yr (no set-up fee)

Usage Payment Options:

$300/yr per 100hr/mo blocks (pooled time)
30 cents/hour (billed monthly)

Register for the Flex Account

Online Services Internet Services Accounts

NOTE: The following accounts/services DO NOT include dial-up access. Please read the descriptions carefully as some may require an existing dial-up account with Online Services.

Extra Mailbox

An Extra Mailbox can be added to any Dial-up account. Each extra mailbox comes with its own login and password and can be accessed with a POP mail reader or our webmail reader.

$25/yr     Quarterly not available

Register an Extra Mailbox


The Core account consists of the core features that are normally associated with our dial-up accounts. However, the Core account does not include dial-up access. The Core account is designed for the user who already has Internet connectivity and desires to have an account on our system that allows them access to our text based menu system, which includes pine, lynx, ftp, and telnet, amongst other things. The core account is also required to host a virtual domain on our system if the user does not have an existing dial-up account.

$60/yr     Quarterly not available     $20 set-up for new accounts

Register for the Core Account

Statewide Connects

The Statewide Connects option can be added to any Dial-up account or to the Core account. The Statewide Connects option is for those who need access to the State's Mainframe via our text access menu system. Once connected to the State's Mainframe, permission to access programs and applications on the State's Mainframe is granted by the General Government Data Center, not by Online Services.

$75/yr     Quarterly not available     $0 set-up

Static IP Address

The Static IP Address option can be added to any Dial-Up account. Users who need to have remote access to machines and/or applications behind a firewall security system may be required to have a Static IP address. Online Services must approve all uses of Static IP Addresses. Online Services does not guarantee that a Static IP address can be provided and may decline any request for Static IP addresses at our sole discretion.

$25/yr     Quarterly not available     $20 set-up for new accounts

Virtual Domains

A virtual domain allows you to have your own customized place on the Internet without having to purchase and maintain expensive computer equipment and Internet connections. With our virtual domain account, people will be able to send mail to your domain (such as you@your-domain.com) and access web pages under your domain (such as www.your-domain.com).

You must currently have a dial-up or core account with Online Services, or purchase one with your virtual domain account. If you already have an active account with Online Services, then your virtual domain account will be prorated for the remainder of your account.

Registrar Fees

If you have not already registered your domain, you will need to register your domain with a registrar before we can activate your virtual domain. The registrar will charge you their own fees for registering your domain and periodic renewal fees to keep your domain ownership. The fees charged by your registrar are separate from the fees charged by Online Services. Please refer to our virtual domain registration instructions for further information on registering your domain.

Virtual Email Addresses

The email addresses for your domain are not real mailboxes, but rather aliases that point to real mailboxes. Mail sent to an address under your domain will be delivered to the real mailbox the address points to.

Virtual Domain Pricing
Virtual domain pricing does not include space on our web server or bandwidth for your web pages, which is already included with our dial-up and core account. If you do not have a dial-up or core account, then you will need to purchase one of these accounts in addition to the virtual domain pricing.


Individual Virtual Domain Items
Our dial-up and core accounts include space on our web server and bandwidth to serve your web pages. If you need more than the default levels included with your account or you need additional virtual email addresses for your domain, you may purchase them individually.

Register for a Virtual Domain

POP Mail Account

The POP Mail account gives you an email address and mailbox that can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet with a POP mail reader.

$60/yr     Quarterly not available     $20 set-up for new accounts

Register for the POP Mail Account

Mail Alias

A mail alias allows you to create an email address that points to another mailbox on our system or on a remote system. A mail alias is highly customizable because it does not have the 8 character limit.

$25/yr     Quarterly not available

Register for a Mail Alias

Web Alias

The Web Alias option can be added to any dial-up or core account. A web alias allows you to remove the tilde (~) from your web site address. For example, if your web site address is currently

a web alias would allow you to make it Or you can replace your user name with a customized alias, such as

$25 one-time charge per web alias

Mailing List

$10/100 subscribers per year with an existing Oregon VOS account     $20 set-up for new lists


$25/100 subscribers per year without an Oregon VOS account     $20 set-up for new lists

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