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dialoregon.net FAQ

Why is Online Services switching to dialoregon.net?

Online Services has been through a number of name changes over the past decade. Some of our customers may know us as Oregon ED-NET (orednet.org) while others may know us as COMPASS. Still others may know us as Video and Online Services (OregonVOS.net) or just Online Services. Each time we have gone through a major name change, we have changed our domain to reflect our new name.

In anticipation of even further name changes in the future, we have decided to switch to a generic domain that reflects what we do rather than who we are. By switching to the generic dialoregon.net domain, we hope to avoid any further domain changes regardless of what our actual name happens to be.

Do I need to change to dialoregon.net?

No, you absolutely do not need to change to dialoregon.net. If you are using OregonVOS.net or orednet.org, you may continue to use either one for as long as you have an account with Online Services. You are not required to make any changes to your current account and you should not experience any problems if you do not switch to dialoregon.net.

In other words, unless you want to change to dialoregon.net, you do not need to make any changes to your account or computer.

Will people still be able to send me email if I don't switch to dialoregon.net?

Yes, you will still receive your email if you don't switch to dialoregon.net.

How does the switch affect my personal web pages on your web server?

You do not need to make any changes to your web pages. The domains dialoregon.net, OregonVOS.net and orednet.org are completely interchangeable, so people will be able to access your web site regardless of which domain they use. You may of course switch your web pages to dialoregon.net if you like. Please see our instructions for switching to dialoregon.net.

How do I access the webmail reader?

You can access the webmail reader through http://dialoregon.net. There is a link to the webmail reader on our home page and also a link at the top of every web page on our web site.

What differences will I notice to Online Services with the switch to dialoregon.net?

How do I switch to dialoregon.net?

Please see our instructions for switching to dialoregon.net.

When can I switch to dialoregon.net?

You may switch to dialoregon.net at any time.

Do I need to notify Online Services if I switch to dialoregon.net?

No, you do not need to notify us if you decide to switch. Merely follow the instructions for switching to dialoregon.net.

Can people send email to my dialoregon.net address even if I don't switch?

Yes, all customers on our system have a dialoregon.net address. Basically, the dialoregon.net, OregonVOS.net and orednet.org domains are all interchangeable. So, regardless which of the three domains someone uses for your email address they will all end up in your Online Services mailbox.

Are orednet.org and OregonVOS.net going away?

No, both orednet.org and OregonVOS.net are here to stay and you may use them for as long as you have an account with Online Services.

Are you still called COMPASS?

No, we no longer use the name COMPASS. We used to use the name COMPASS to refer to our dial-up Internet accounts (as oppossed to the other services we offer, such as First Class). We do not make this distinction any more and now refer to all of our services as Online Services.

What happened to Oregon ED-NET?

We used to be Oregon ED-NET before we merged with the State of Oregon Information Resources Management Division. After the merge, we changed our name to Oregon Video and Online Services. Over the years, the video unit has separated into its own entity and we now refer to ourselves as just Online Services.

Online Services is a division of IRMD Enterprise Network Services (ENS) - State of Oregon