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Welcome to Online Services

Welcome to the new State of Oregon Online Services web site. If you were trying to reach Oregon Video and Online Services (OregonVOS.net) or Oregon ED-NET (orednet.org), you have come to the right place. We have officially changed our domain to dialoregon.net and our name to Online Services.
Erfahrungen lesen Not to worry, any of our customers who want to continue to use either OregonVOS.net or orednet.org may continue to do so. Other than the name change and redesign of our web site, everything else remains the same. Please read the dialoregon.net FAQ for further information on our new domain name. amapur diƤt jojo effekt - bodystyling.tv

dialoregon.net FAQ    Information about dialoregon.net and Online Services zur Webseite
Account Descriptions    Descriptions of our dial-up accounts and other services. kostenloses firmenkonto auf dieser Seite
Account Registration    Register for one of our Internet accounts.
Dial-Up Numbers    A list of our local dial-up phone numbers. Test und Vergleich ansehen
User Services    Get information about your existing account.
User Support    Look here for help with your account. @girokontotest24
NEW Email Whitelisting    Keep out spam by specifying who can send you email.
NEW OLS Web Forum    A web-based discussion board for OLS customers.
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Online Services is a division of IRMD Enterprise Network Services (ENS) - State of Oregon